So for once I’m going to be featuring someone else’s art, not my own! However I do not actually know this artist, so if you’re reading this for some reason, Emily Carroll, hi! Once more for good measure: this is not my artwork. Please don’t sue me.

Anyway, this week’s blog assignment was a review of some kind related to the topic of our blogs. Initially I thought I could maybe review different art supplies, but then I remembered that 1) I don’t trust my experience with art supplies enough to give a thorough, accurate review and 2) art supplies are expensive and I am remarkably broke. Instead, I decided to take a piece by one of my favorite artist/illustrators, Emily Carroll, and analyze it! Which I totally didn’t already do in my IB art class as part of the IB comparative study requirements. (Hint: I definitely did.)

The piece is titled Brave New World, and is by the aforementioned Emily Carroll. You can find it on her website here!

Image result for emily carroll brave new world

Here’s the piece pristine and untouched by my inexperienced analytical hand.

Displaying Formal Analysis of Brave New World.jpg

And here’s the slide from my comparative study where I attempted to really dig in and Analyze That Art!

But for real, guys, I’m a high school student with no prior experience to art analysis. Who knows if what I wrote was right, or if it was just crap I whipped up out of the recesses of my brain in an attempt to pass my IB art class. Either way, it’s a review of sorts, right? Miss Lewis, please give me an A.


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