So in a rare break from the kind of content I usually post, this week we’ve got an interview! It’s actually really late because the person I initially wanted to interview never responded to my emails… not gonna name names, but they work at Adams as an art teacher. :/

Anyway, instead of the interview I initially planned, I decided to get the next best thing. I asked a friend of mine who’s also a budding artist in my IB Visual Art class a couple questions about their experiences as a student and artist. They’re a really awesome person and thanks to them for agreeing to do this interview! Hope y’all enjoy (y’all referring to the five of you that even actually look at my stuff. bless you.)!

How many art classes have you taken in your lifetime? Which has been your favorite? Why?

I’ve been taking art classes since I started school, so, about 13, my favorite probably being my IB Visual Arts class here at Adams. I really, really enjoy being able to let my creativity take me wherever I want with my art. It’s a lot more free than being given the same assignment as the rest of your classmates.

What got you interested in art in the first place?

I guess I’ve always been interested in art. It kind of runs in the family, because my grandmother and great-grandmother were both artists as well.

What is your favorite medium to work in? Least favorite? Why?

My favorite medium is probably just standard pen and pencil. I like drawing and sketching on my free time, and it’s what I’m most comfortable with. I’d have to say my least favorite is probably any type of digital media (Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, etc.) because I feel I’m bad at it. I’m still learning, but the results of my previous experiments with the media kind of discourage me to continue.

Who are some artists you really admire or are inspired by?

I think my greatest inspiration has come from most of my peers. There’s a huge number of artists twisting the entire meaning of art in this generation, and they inspire me every day. I’m inspired by a lot of lesser-known young artists on the internet stylistically, but Frida Kahlo has always inspired me, not so much in my art, but in my life. She was a bold, free spirit, and I aspire to be as carefree as she was.

How do you plan on incorporating art into your future (i.e. majoring in art, doing it as a hobby, etc.)?

If you count writing as art, I want it to be a large part of my future. I’d love to write collections of poetry and publish them in the future. I don’t plan on creating visual art as anything more than a hobby, but I definitely hope I still find time for it in the future.

How would you define art?

I would define art as anything creative that is created by means of expressing oneself, but I think the definition of art varies from person to person. Art, like beauty, and a lot of other things in life, is subjective, and I’m in no place to officiate what is art and what is not art.

What has been your biggest artistic success? What about your biggest failure?

Honestly, I don’t really evaluate my art as a success or a failure. If I am happy with the result of what I create, then that’s great, and if I’m not satisfied with the end product, then that gives me more room to grow and learn. I don’t want to “grade” my art as successful or failed. I suppose, if I’m creating art of someone, my goal is to make them feel just as beautiful as I see them. I’d like to think I’ve done that with a few of my recent projects centered around body positivity, and I’m really happy about that.

How do you feel about the art program at Adams?

I think the art program at Adams is wonderful. The entry-level art classes can be the first step in a young artist discovering what path they want to take artistically. I do, however, have some complaints about the IB Visual Arts program, but those aren’t the fault of Adams staff or administration. It’s very restrictive sometimes, and it forces you to “grade” your art. As I said earlier, I try to avoid rating my art as good or bad entirely, so this is dissatisfying to me.

If you could give another student artist some advice about doing art, what would it be?

Do whatever you want. Art isn’t (or shouldn’t be, at least) restrictive. Be free. No idea is a bad idea. Let yourself create what you feel needs exposure in the world, without worry of judgement.




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