So lately (by which I mean for the past two years or so) I’ve been really into these dumb/amazing games called Ace Attorney, which are essentially visual novel-type games in which you play as, yes, an attorney. I know, sounds totally stupid. I can assure you that it absolutely is, and bears only the slightest of resemblances to the actual system of law in America. However, while stupid, these games are also ridiculously charming. The characters are adorable, the plots, while convoluted and unbelievable, are fun to watch unfold (in the way watching soap operas is a guilty pleasure kind of fun). Regardless, I enjoy them. But hey, enough of this crap, I’m not getting paid by Capcom to write an advertisement for their games.

Anyway, I recently finished the fourth Ace Attorney game and started the fifth, hence why I’ve had fictional lawyers on the brain so much. It also happens to be mock trial season, and many of my friends have sold their souls to the practice of pretending to hold court, which frequently results in some pretty funny quotes. Naturally, they’ve compiled a list of some of their greatest hits, and I, being the living, breathing trash can that I am, got my grubby mitts on it and instantly turned it into Ace Attorney fanart. So here we have the fruit of my labors, a very short comic!

Thanks to the mock trial team who provided me with such brilliant material (you know who you are). And for those of you following my blog (again, all five or six of you who are morally obligated solely because we’re in a journalism class together), expect to see more of this stupid lawyer crap. I draw it A LOT.

The characters in this comic do not belong to me!! Please don’t sue me, Capcom.


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