Hey guys! Here’s a brief look at the latest project I’m working on for my IB art class. I’m taking an old book (graciously given to me by the Adams library, which was getting rid of some books), selecting a phrase that speaks to me, and creating an image around that phrase, which then doubles as the title of the piece. It’s also pretty cool because it combines the idea of blackout poetry with artwork, two things of which I am very fond. Plus how often do you get to draw in a book, am I right?? Can’t pass up on the opportunity. The only materials I’ve used for this project are a fine-tipped sharpie, a regular sharpie, and an old book. Vote for your favorite in the comments below (all five of my followers, anyway)!!! Feedback, as long as it isn’t mean, is always appreciated.

Upper left: scientific romances

Upper middle: overpowering sense of the inevitable

Upper right: direction without a compass

Bottom left: slaves of the modern bondage

Bottom right: a greater and more boundless freedom.

(Apologies for the low-res pictures, I don’t own a camera or a scanner so the best I can do is my phone.)


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